Our biochips, incorporating neurons optimized by evolution, will transform expectations and perceptions of digital devices, offering unparalleled efficiency and output

Standard biochips are pre-configured off-the-shelf systems, designed for seamless integration into your workflow.

Standard Biochips


A 10cm biochip equipped with integrated data acquisition and incubation systems.

Anyone can culture, monitor, and train neurons all in one platform, enabling a diverse set of experiments and testing options for researchers.

Capable of accommodating up to 5 million neurons.

Software support.

Perfectly suited for researchers, this biochip enables diverse experiments and studies in Biological/Organoid Intelligence (OI), all without the hassles of hardware or software constraints.

You can discover new communication protocols, develop training protocols, or concentrate on addressing real-world challenges by training neurons.

AxoMini is also ideal for screening drugs effectively. It opens up a completely new domain of drug development as the symptoms/behaviors can be modeled on entities in simulators controlled by neurons, allowing for a better understanding of the effect of drugs on diseases.


A 3-5cm biochip designed for space and power efficiency, capable of handling complex tasks locally.

Can be utilized as an onboard processor or trained for specialized tasks.

Ideal for applications requiring localized, specialized, and efficient processing, such as image processing and decision-making.

Equipped with integrated training platforms and incubation systems to maintain neuron health.


This powerful biochip is designed to harness the immense potential of neuronal power on a large scale.

Finely tuned for efficient parallel processing and capable of running large, complex AI models.

As a company or organization, you will have the capability to locally train your proprietary models, such as large language models (LLMs), stock prediction systems, and CAD or architectural software, using sensitive internal data. This approach promotes enhanced self-reliance and offers superior control, customization, and safety.

Custom Biochips

These biochips are revolutionary, significantly boosting the computational power of your electronic products. Whether it's a phone or laptop requiring a general-purpose efficient processor, a specialized neural engine for AI pins, or a large supercomputer designed to run complex models, we've got you covered.

If you're a company/organization seeking custom biochips, interested in testing new techniques for your products, or a research institute with specific needs, please reach out to us. Our bioprinting technology enables us to tailor-make biochips to meet your specific requirements.