Where Bits Ignite Biology

Welcome to

the Bio-Computing era

We are developing biochips embedded with neurons trained for computation and pattern recognition

Bio-computing/biochips offer superior performance compared to traditional Silicon-based Computing

Hundreds of terawatt-hours (TWh) will be saved annually by switching to bio-computing.

Gadgets will become smarter and more efficient.

can be used in place of silicon chips in a wide range of electronic gadgets, from phones and laptops to robots, cars, and even supercomputers.

Space and power-efficient

Scalable and easily manufacturable

Adaptable to individual requirements

Damage tolerant

Our biochips come in three standard sizes





Our best biochip, designed to research Biological/Organoid Intelligence or screen drugs effectively.

AxoNano excels in specialized tasks like image processing in VR headsets or decision-making in robots.

Our largest and most powerful biochip, specifically engineered to handle large language models (LLMs) and proprietary AI models, while ensuring the highest levels of safety and security for businesses and corporations.

We can custom-manufacture biochips to suit a range of your electronic devices, from phones and laptops to supercomputers.